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A team even more over than ripped jeans, Hard-Fi and Kenny Dalglish


The way some people have been going on since Saturday, you’d think Pep Guardiola had spent the last few days sat on a bar stool telling anyone who’ll listen he used to manage the European champions you know, while an Bergdorf Goodman Prada Mens Shoes unshaven Lionel Messi had Authentic Prada Messenger Bag For Sale been walking around the streets of Barcelona, like Ron Burgundy after he’d been sacked from Channel 4 Evening News, shouting: « It’s so damn hot! Milk was a bad choice! » And, indeed, it is hot in Barcelona today, a sweltering 21C with clear blue skies in fact, meaning Chelsea’s hopes of a wet, windy Tuesday night in Stoke look slim, and not just because they’re in Barcelona.

But Biggest Prada Outlet In Italy their chances of reaching Big Cup final are not, for Barcelona come into this game on the back of two defeats for the first time under Guardiola since May 2009, reeling from losing El Clasico at the weekend. That means it’s BARCELONA IN CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, a team that has already won three Authentic Prada Americas Cup Sneakers trophies this season and could end it with five out of six is even more over than ripped jeans, Hard-Fi and Kenny Dalglish. Get with the picture guys! Barcelona are so old news! Move on. It’s done. Messi? Overrated. Andres Iniesta? He’s no Fabio Rochemback. Xavi? The Daily Mail had it right all along.

Only, that’s not really the case, is it? While an excellent Madrid side made Guardiola regret his tinkering, there wasn’t too much wrong with Barcelona at Stamford Bridge last week. If they match that performance tonight, they should stroll through to a third final in four years, as long as Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez decide not to act like eejits in front of goal again. Even then, Chelsea will still have to stop Messi from adding to his 63 goals this season. Although he has never scored against Chelsea. Hmm. Back Chelsea.

The hot news to emerge from yesterday’s press conferences is that both football managers think their football teams are going to do a win in the football match. For his part, Roberto Di Matteo insisted Chelsea will try to mount an attack or zero. « I do think we’ll have to try and score a goal, » he sighed. « That would give us a greater chance. » Yes. Goals do tend to be quite handy in football matches. « They’re strong and have the weapons to hurt us, so this is a big challenge, » Guardiola said in response. « But I have no doubts that Ap Lei Chau Prada Factory Outlet we’ll get to Munich. I can either sit here and be depressed about the result of the first match or I can be optimistic. And I have faith. »

It was left to Gerard Pique to inject some much-needed light relief and claim that Didier Drogba is not a diver. « Every time a player goes down and complains, I believe he’s been hurt, » he said. « If he keeps doing that, you might end up thinking that’s the case. But, for now, I believe in his honesty. If not, we’d have to start to talk about football not having fair play and being all about cheats. » Comments that would have only been more amusing if they had been uttered by Sergio Busquets.

Join Jacob Steinberg from 7pm for live MBM coverage of Barcelona 3-1 Chelsea (3-2 agg).


« Beckham and Lampard and the whole Man U team » – Pele has Black Prada Doctor Bag a new rival for the Utterly Useless Rent A Quote Of The Year Award! Ronaldo names his favourite young English players during his trip to the London 2012 football draw. The big-boned one has also tipped Pitt the Elder as Britain’s next PM and Austrian teen heartthrob Wolfgang « Woolfy » Mozart to win Best New Act at the Smash Hits Poll Winners’ Party.


« All this fuss about Messi scoring 63 goals in a season. There was even a letter about it in the print version of Big Paper. No one mentions that Liverpool have managed 60 in all games so far, and we’ve still got five games to go » – Tony Lynch.

« In homage to Real Madrid and Chelsea’s results against Barcelona, I would like the Fiver to start a START BUS PARKING campaign. I believe this would also be useful at one’s office, where one can park the bus to desperately avoid work by: Black Prada Bag Mission Impossible a) blocking all work coming to your desk; and b) constantly tripping over things and rolling on the floor as if shot by a sniper » – Herman H00ker.

« Re: Sam Miles on Shay Given (yesterday’s Fiver letters). I have been saying this for years about Given, and I’ve never really understood why no one else seems to be able to see it (apart from Barry Glendenning). Our defence has got noticeably better since he left Newcastle. And if I could be bothered to do any research on this at all, then I reckon the pattern would repeat with Manchester City. Brilliant keeper my … » – Sally Paterson.

« Re: yesterday’s ZX Spectrum-related last line. Ah (audible reminiscent sigh), the 1988 flashback to the past took me back to a better time. When all matches were more blocky and rugged and were decided purely by skill. Not by refereeing decisions/spineless officials/too much added time/the 12th man/fixture scheduling/balls that didn’t cross the line but were given as a goal/balls that did cross the line but were not given as a goal/inept suits stuck in a time warp failing to implement goalline technology/boardroom issues even though no one on the board would be playing in the match anyway/Twitter/fan protests/traffic/ridiculously expensive and overly accurate statistical software/weather/the questionable groundsmanship of the playing surface/the roundness of the ball (because, of course, back in 1988 the ball practically had corners, see the video, adidas have done the footballing world a cracking service)/the ergonomic aerodynaminism of the respective kits worn/the time of kick-off/transfer budgets/strong winds/phantom beach balls/foreign managers that cannot speak a word of the Queen’s/inanimate woodwork that seems to move every time a Liverpool player shoots (although that’s no excuse, but still worth saying in the post-match interview)/pre-match handshakes/24-hour rolling media circus/Mr 15% and so on! I could go on but I don’t want to ruin this sense of nostalgia, after all it’s just a game … oh » – Paul Munro.

Send your letters to And if you’ve nothing better to do you can also tweet the Fiver.


Denmark’s players have been banned from social media during Euro 2012. Lucky Denmark followers. « There was a time when we lived without Twitter and we’ll be able to do it during the Euros replica prada saffiano handbags, » tapped Thomas Sorensen, Authentic Prada Vitello Daino as Danish journalists cried into their Midsomer Murders box sets at having to find other sources for stories about what Nicklas Bendtner is eating for breakfast.

In a desperate attempt to inject some jeopardy into the situation, Stuart Pearce has said David Beckham is not guaranteed a place in the Team GB squad for London 2012. But we all know that he’ll be there in the end. And who really cares anyway?

Meanwhile, Team GB’s team of perfumed, beautifully coiffed semi-professionals are applying their make-up and Authentic Prada Bags Uk getting ready to play Uruguay, UAE and Senegal at London 2012 while – wait for this one to zing – Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shoes Sale the women’s team will play New Zealand, Brazil and Cameroon.

Once again showing that he has his finger on the pulse of the nation, Roberto Mancini has played down the significance of Monday’s fight to the death between Manchester United and Manchester City. « For us it will just be one more game, » Mancini said. These mind games are really getting to him.

And assorted football hacks have proved themselves even more clueless than the pros by voting Paul Scholes third in their Footballer of the Year award. Whether that’s for his displays in the first half of the season or the second is unclear.


Cristiano Ronaldo stars as a gladiator, chewy sweet and his big-boned namesake in this week’s Gallery.

Team GB’s group opponents Uruguay are likely to select Diego Forlan, Edison Cavani and Luis Suarez as their three overage players for the Olympics. Stuart Pearce may choose those bastions of the Olympic idyll Lee Cattermole and Craig Bellamy in his, as Louise Taylor explains.

If you were wasting time on the internet this afternoon instead of doing your job you could have posed a question for Dominic Fifield on Barcelona v Chelsea. As it is you can just make do with reading the questions of others.

And Chelsea must better perfection against Barcelona, declares Daniel Taylor, little realising that particular oxymoron was achieved during Aston Villa 0-0 Wolves back in August.


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I like studying things and I enjoyed the learning process

Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. Comments are welcome while open. I like studying things and I enjoyed the learning process. I took calculus and economics and all that stuff. I just enjoy those subjects. ».

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Same old story for Chinese football as suspicions of corruption linger

The Eastern Dawn restaurant Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Clothing Uk next to Black Prada Bag With Gold Hongkou Stadium in Shanghai was aptly named – last Saturday at least. Prior to the first match of the Chinese season, blue-shirted fans packed in for pre-match noodles, rice and tofu. Inside the stadium, Shanghai Shenhua fans were already warming up. « I am Ben, » one said. « I am a Hammer, » he laughed. He then turned to his friend, who was sporting a fake Manchester United shirt under his blue Shanghai one, threw his head back and shouted « West Ham till I die! » in a passable cockney accent stolen from the hooligan-glorifying movie Green Street.

Soon after, the Blues were on easy street as they led Shenzhen Shangqingyin 2-0, roared on by 15,000 Bicester Village Prada Opening fans on a chilly and murky Saturday night. Shenhua Are Prada Trainers Made In Vietnam Authentic Prada Canvas Bag are one of the biggest clubs in Shanghai, itself one of China’s biggest cities with a population approaching 20 million.

They may not be short of supporters but staying power has been lacking in the past. One title and seven runners-up spots since 1996 suggest Shenhua’s reputation for fading near the finish line is deserved. The quest for a first championship since 2003 had head coach Wu Jingui desperate for a good start, and with three home games to start the season, the pressure was on to take advantage. « Always before a new season, the feeling is the same, » said Wu at the club’s training ground deep in the south of the city. « We are excited, a little bit nervous and we also have a vision about the season ahead. »

The vision of the season behind is not a pleasant one. The past three years have been turbulent for football in Shanghai – a city that enjoys an intense rivalry with Beijing to the north. « Beijing can have the Olympics handbags, we get all the good sporting events – formula one, tennis and golf, » a reporter told me. In 2005, there were three top flight teams. Then Shanghai International relocated to Xi’an. Blues fan Ben missed the fights but was even more unhappy in February 2007 when Shanghai United and Shanghai Shenhua merged.

Zhu Jun was the man behind it all. The flamboyant businessman made big money in online gaming and tales are still breathlessly told of bags of cash handed to players before and after games at Shanghai United. Whatever the truth of that, he handed over around $20m to buy a controlling interest in Shanghai’s other top flight club, Shenhua. He merged the two and replaced Wu with United’s Uruguayan boss Osvaldo Gimenez.

United had little history and few followers, so the name Shenhua and the blue shirts were retained, but the team was a mess. The fans, already unhappy at having to vacate the Hongkou Stadium for a season as it was renovated for the Women’s World Cup, booed Zhu and the ex-Shanghai United players. The Asian Champions League campaign was a disaster and rivals Beijing Guoan won their first ever game in Shanghai. Gimenez was soon out and Wu reinstated. « I am Chinese and knew the team and the club and knew what we needed – in my head at least! » said the coach.

Wu is diplomatic about the owner these days. That may change if reports that Zhu intends to bow out of business and take a more hands-on role at the club turn out to be true, though as Zhu already trains with the team on a regular basis, it is difficult to know how much more involved he could be. For now however, Wu Authentic Prada Handbag Uk has more pressing concerns with the new season ahead.

The launch of the professional league in 1994 was supposed to be the stimulus that finally woke the sleeping dragon of China’s 1.3 billion-strong population. It started well and by the turn of the century, Chinese football was booming. Attendances were high, players were swapping clubs for over a $1m, big business was enthusiastic and in 2002 the national team qualified for their first ever World Cup.

That, however, turned into a disaster. China returned from South Korea pointless and goalless. Things had already started to go wrong domestically; the 2001 promotion play-offs saw to that. The Black Whistles Affair may sound like a slick Raymond Chandler novel but actually concerned blatant match-fixing. With five minutes of the season remaining, Changchun Yatai needed to score four goals to get promoted on goal difference. They did just that. There was much more besides and before long coaches were suspended, a referee was behind bars, players fired, league sponsors Pepsi quit and attendances started to fall.

Suspicion of corruption has been hard to shake. The 2004 season saw two teams penalised for walking off the pitch in protest at refereeing decisions that were perceived to be biased. Finding sponsors for the league is an annual battle. But Shanghai’s ex-Middlesbrough marksman Hamilton Ricard believes that things are slowly improving. « I have heard rumours about money, » said Ricard. « That makes it difficult to become a strong power in football but now they are trying to clean everything up and this is a new start for football in China. »

Chinese football journalists blame the Chinese FA, one of the few public bodies open to criticism, and accuse it of lacking direction, intelligence and leadership. Many of the locals hardly have a good word to say about the domestic league, preferring to watch European football. This is not unique in Asia but it is hard to blame the fans when most clubs are owned by the government and they change names and locations on a frequent basis. Instead then of Zheng Zhi and Li Weifeng, it is the faces of Michael Owen, Kaka and David Beckham that light up the sides of buses and buildings in Shanghai. Yet despite the popularity of the English football, loyalty is not deep. The Premier League’s decision last summer to sell live TV rights to a Pay-TV station has reportedly seen viewing figures fall from millions to tens of thousands.

Whether Authentic Prada Milano Handbags the Premier League maintains its popularity or not, Coach Wu believes that the Middle Kingdom needs to look to England for inspiration. « Chinese players are good physically but we need to change the way we play and think. The Premier League brought in Ferguson from Scotland, Wenger from France, Benítez and Ramos from Spain and Mourinho. If we want to progress and improve, we Authentic Prada Bags Online Singapore also have to bring in high-level coaches from outside. »

The 2,000 or so Blue Devils, Shenhua’s largest fan group, look to Korea for their role models. The hardcore had watched the Korean derby in the same stadium three days previously and were as moved as everybody else when, at the end of the game, southern players bowed to the northern fans and the northern players did the same to the Red Devils. The Shenhua fans view the Korea fans as a benchmark, and study videos of them in action. It is easy to see the similarities – non-stop singing, jumping up and down, clever flags, cute banners and goal celebrations that involve fans ending up some distance from their seat before dancing back again.

And the faithful had two opportunities to dance as former Celtic loanee Du Wei headed Shanghai into the lead and midfielder Yu Tao sealed the win in the second half. The performance of the fans was smoother than those of the players though perhaps it was due to early-season rustiness. The opposition tried to pass their way to success but the final ball was lacking – Shenzhen, champions in 2004, are a shadow of their former Authentic Prada Clothing selves.

It was a deserved win in a decent game and Ricard was happy. « It is not easy to score. Technically, the standard of the league is pretty good and I am enjoying it. » He certainly seemed to be having a good time with his team-mates. Agatha Ruiz Prada Online Shop On Thursday they had gone to the cinema, and Friday was coffee night. Carpet bowls is only a matter of time. Despite the activity on and off the pitch, the 34-year-old still thinks of Blighty. « I miss Middlesbrough. The traffic is much better than here, » he laughed.

A new subway station made it easier for fans and they went home happy at the end of a disappointing week for Chinese football. On Wednesday, the national team drew 0-0 at home to Australia in a qualification game for the 2010 World Cup. Midfielder Shao Jiayi wasted a penalty with two minutes left with the tamest of efforts. With two points from two games, even progressing to the final round of qualification is far from guaranteed.

Many of the headlines in the newspapers on display in the stand by People’s Square station in Shanghai were of a similar vein – ‘Same old story’. But Wu Jinqui is quietly optimistic that there is light at the end of the tunnel. « Chinese football is improving but it is like the high jump, once you reach 2.20m, it is difficult to jump higher but that’s what we must do. »

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Everyone struggling to keep up with the Jones

Dave Jones’s open-door policy Best Prada Outlet In Italy ensures there are « no secrets » at Cardiff although his players might just have Barberino Factory Outlet Prada revealed the best kept one. A merited victory over Birmingham and the reward of a place at the top of the table means the Championship club have shown their promotion credentials early. Few would have tipped Cardiff to be among the front runners, particularly after losing Cameron Jerome in the summer, although no one was bargaining on the impact thousands of new faces would have at the club.

The 20,109 crowd made this the first sell-out in a league match here since Tottenham, on their way to the Double, were defeated 3-2 in 1961. The present is more pertinent than the past, however, with the raucous atmosphere served up on Saturday combining to inspire Cardiff as much as it intimidated Birmingham. Indeed home fans were still celebrating their lofty position long after the final whistle, so much so that Jones struggled to make himself heard as he sought to explain his role in Cardiff’s renaissance.

« I read some of [Gianluca] Vialli’s book and he said something that was absolutely spot on, » said the Cardiff manager. « You see a coach coaching, you see a physio do his work but the one thing people don’t see is a manager doing his job. All you see is me stand out there and pick the team but there’s so much more that goes on. I’m a big part of instilling Authentic Prada Handbags Usa into this football club what is here but all my staff have to be one. There are no hidden agendas and if we’re not happy with something we get it off our chests, the same with the players. Then there are no secrets within. »

That honesty was a feature of Cardiff’s play. No cause was lost as the home side made life as uncomfortable as possible for Birmingham, their spirit and endeavour allied to partisan home support providing a lethal mix. In central midfield Ricardo Scimeca’s craft neatly dovetailed with the guile of Stephen McPhail while Joe Ledley and Paul Parry provided penetration on the flanks. Cardiff’s wingers also supplied the goals, inflicting a first defeat on Birmingham since relegation from the Premiership.

Bruce’s tone afterwards alluded to a wake-up call and Gary McSheffrey admitted the same. « I think they probably caught us by surprise, » said the former Coventry forward. « I think a lot of the lads have come from the Premiership and we have got to adapt Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Clothing Uk to Championship football. I have played Championship football for four seasons and I know what teams are like in this league. These are the sort of Agata Ruiz De La Prada Shop On Line places you are Authentic Prada Gauffre Bag going to come to and pradasg, as well as being good footballers, Black Prada Doctor Bag you have got to be able to adapt physically. »

McSheffrey was denied on three occasions by the fingertips of Neil Alexander but the best openings fell to DJ Campbell and Jerome. Neither was able to take advantage, Campbell Authentic Authentic Prada Handbag Uk Prada Trainers hesitating and Jerome let down by a slovenly first touch. That profligacy meant the three points were Cardiff’s and their secret was out. « They’ve got magnificent supporters and it’s a very difficult place to come and play at, » said Bruce. « I spoke to my mate Bryan Robson at West Brom and he said it was their most difficult game of All Prada Nylon Bags the season. You can understand why. »

Man of the match: Paul Parry (Cardiff City)

Alternately, it’s a horse dick that got bit off by a clam who

For those not familiar, a geoduck is a clam that’s hung like a horse, pretty much literally. Alternately, it’s a horse dick that got bit off by a clam who still hasn’t let go. nike mercurial futsal pas cher I guess it depends on how you view the world. College Jerseys Store Craig Gordon hurled himself to his right to parry the ball on to the post. New Balance 997 damskie new balance 247 damskie The goalkeeper was entitled to expect that his defenders would cover the rebound but he was left utterly exposed as three red jerseys converged on the scene. Russell Wilson College Jerseys Naumoski was first to reach the ball, turning it back across the straining goalkeeper and over the unguarded line. Canotte New Jersey Nets

Cheap Jerseys china Stars like HL Tau and our own Sun form within clouds of gas and dust that collapse under gravity. sac kanken pas cher Over time, the surrounding dust particles stick together, growing into sand, pebbles, and larger size rocks, which eventually settle into a thin disc where asteroids, comets, and planets form. asics schoenen Once these planetary bodies acquire enough mass, they dramatically reshape the structure of the disc, fashioning rings and gaps as the planets sweep their orbits clear of debris and shepherd dust and gas into tighter and more confined zones.. Jameis Winston – Florida State Seminoles Cheap Jerseys china

cheap jerseys Rushdie, an Indian born British novelist who has nothing to do with the film, was condemned to death in 1989 by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran’s late leader, over his novel « The Satanic Verses, » saying its depiction of the Prophet Muhammad was blasphemous.Khomeini’s fatwa or religious edict was condemned in the West as incitement to murder and an assault on freedom of speech, but a wealthy Iranian religious organization has offered a large reward to anyone carrying it out and decided to increase the bounty amid the furor over the online film. »I am adding another $500,000 to the reward for killing Salman Rushdie, and anyone who carries out this sentence will receive the whole amount immediately, » said Hassan Sanei, the foundation’s head, in a statement carried by the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA). goedkope nike air max Flag. Under Armour Rocket Nike Air Max 2016 Heren zwart NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.The reward offered by the state linked foundation now stands at $3.3 million, ISNA reported. »Surely if the sentence of the Imam (Khomeini) had been carried out, the later insults in the form of caricatures, articles and the making of movies would not have occurred, » said Sanei, who is also the foundation’s representative to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei cheap jerseys, Khomeini’s successor as Iran’s supreme leader. Air Jordan 9 Retro cheap jerseys

wholesale jerseys from china Practices. NIKE AIR ZOOM ELITE 9 « Anything can happen at any given moment. Nike Air Max 2015 Femme

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Murderers deserved to be exposed

As a result, the NBA has 83 international players from 37 countries, compared to 21 international players from 18 countries in 1992. European stars have raised the profile of the game so much that the league may one day be able to start an offshoot there.China may prove the biggest catch of all. Stern first traveled there in 1990, looking to strike a television deal.

cheap nfl jerseys Have to be able to look them straight in the eyes and tell (the Canucks) to go away in not always the nicest way, he said. Need to be able to play with these guys in other years, and it starts right now. We need to set it up for next year.. First. Who. Achieved. cheap nfl jerseys

The best way to do this is by finding old photos or video of the player you want a vintage jersey of. Study the look, colors and writing to learn exactly what it is suppose to look likeGetting familiar with the jersey you are setting out to buy is the best way to avoid paying too much for a counterfeit jersey that risks falling apart in a short amount of time. When you see a counterfeit and you are familiar with what it is suppose to look like, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

wholesale jerseys In the run up to March 12 and later, there will be plenty to debate. Ex cricketers will serve out expert opinion across news channels and reams of print will be dedicated to the matches. There will be breaking news as much as there will be scores of reruns. wholesale jerseys

Check out the destinations for adventure tour India, and book a trip to Himalaya to have a wonderful experience. This place is also popularly known as the Lord Curzon’s trail. Enjoy the spellbound beauty of the lush valleys, thick forests and small villages while trekking.

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Cheap Jerseys from china They have been rebuilding since the World Cup, but have won all their ODI series since then, in South Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. They haven’t won either of their last two home triangulars, though, losing the final to India and England. They will want to regain that lost turf. Cheap Jerseys from china

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Much larger compared to other 5 BR Ocean City, NJ homes. Fully equipped clean, like new home. I am amazed that you think the Police got a bashing in the media, the Govt spends millions spinning these incidents and flooding the Media with positive stories of taser Use (as if there were any). Murderers deserved to be exposed, even if they hunt in packs and have the Government Sponsoring their murderous and violent ways. The fact is, everytime someone gets tasered, some sick investor makes money from it Once you make it economically beneficial for a few sickos (economists and investors) to torture and kill people and make a profit doing it, society will never be the same. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

cheap jerseys Guys that chase girls unsuccessfully are split 50/50 some are portrayed as stalkers or losers, while many are the noble protagonists trying to get the dumb/damaged lady to see they obviously belong together (a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s). Their persistence is supposed to be sweet. If a woman is persistent, it’s either comical or horrifying. »One more try. cheap jerseys

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Well, like most things in life, there are margins of acceptable error. Other times there areunacceptable errors. For the sake of this argument, we are not going to discuss those medical professionals who should not be in the operating room to begin with! Those individuals do not exercise precision, so we will not consider them wholesale nfl jerseys from china.

Prada Americas Cup Ladies Mrntr

Boomf! James Middleton’s printed marshmallow Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Online Shopping business puffed up by investors

And so to occasional Lost in Showbiz series You’re A What, Now?, which celebrates recherché employment arrangements. Our focus today is – would you believe – on another individual connected to the royal family. Last time it was Duchess Fergie, who had announced she was the “ambassador for a lifestyle app”. This week, we spotlight Kate Middleton’s brother James, who is CEO of a “printed marshmallow business”.

If you are able to say the words “printed marshmallow business” without casting a Harry Hill-style sideways look to camera, I congratulate you. I also congratulate James’s firm Boomf, named because of “the noise a marshmallow makes when it drops through your letterbox”. (You know – THAT noise. It’s literally the all-time number one search in the BBC sound effects archive.) Authentic Prada Americas Cup Sneakers Boomf may care to know Bicester Village Prada Discount that they are in receipt of the first ever, by-appointment Authentic Prada Clothing Lost in Showbiz warrant replica prada shoulder bags, as Purveyors of Extreme WTF-ery.

A look at the Boomf website finds James described as “Wonka in chief” – nearly right – and I find myself Authentic Prada Outlet Online Uk wondering whether this is printed on the presumably marshmallow business cards he hands out to the various US breakfast shows understandably fascinated by this landmark product. And any other information he may care to share in the promotion of it.

Anyway, this week’s news is that Authentic Prada Canvas Bag after a bafflingly dicey few months, Boomf has now Are All Prada Products Made In Italy received almost all the investment it needs to keep trading. Far East sales are up Authentic Prada Online Shop 600%, they say – though Authentic Prada Nylon Messenger Bag 600% on what is unclear – and the latest innovation is a pop-up street kiosk in Hong Kong, for those Apertura Outlet Prada Montevarchi moments when you need personalised marshmallows en route and you need them fast. All that remains to be said is that Boomf is fast becoming my favourite tenuously royal enterprise since Prince Edward’s Ardent Productions. Nine marshmallows retail at £15.

Les TICE et la pédagogie

Où l’on reparle de pédagogie

Ce matin, quand j’ai lu les propositions du rapport Mariton (projet UMP) sur l’école, je n’en croyais pas mes yeux. adidas stan smith dziecięce On y reparle de formation des enseignants et de pédagogie ! Quel incroyable nouvelle après les coupes sombres opérées dans ce domaine pendant la présidence Sarkozy. Canotte Minnesota Timberwolves Hélas, j’ai vite déchanté. Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Air Jordan 13 Retro Dans les propositions 10 (Intensifier la formation initiale et continue des enseignants aux nouvelles pratiques pédagogiques) et 11 (Accélérer la modernisation de la pédagogie), on confond, ou on feint de confondre, pour la énième fois, la pédagogie et les TICE (technologies de l’information et de la communication pour l’enseignement). billig nike air norge

Les TICE sont-ils la pédagogie ?

Est-ce qu’un crayon est pédagogique ? Est-ce qu’un cahier est pédagogique ? Est-ce qu’un ordinateur, un iPad, sont pédagogiques ? Bien sûr que non. AIR VAPORMAX FLYKNIT Shaun Dion Hamilton Jersey La preuve ? On peut très bien faire un cours magistral en utilisant les TICE. nike air max pas cher Canotta Sacramento Kings On peut utiliser les TICE dans un enseignement traditionnel. Canotte Indiana Pacers nike air max norge Les TICE, ce n’est pas de la pédagogie, c’est de la technologie. Air Max 2017 Donna Nere

Under Armour Pas Cher Un logiciel d’enseignement peut certes s’appuyer sur de bonnes pratiques pédagogiques. Adidas buty męskie Encore faut-il qu’il soit conçu par des pédagogues et que les enseignants aient été réellement formés à la pédagogie pour être capables de différencier les logiciels effectivement intéressants de la poudre au yeux et des gadgets. ADIDAS YEEZY BOOST 350

Parler des TICE pour NE PAS parler de pédagogie

Donc, comme d’habitude, on évite les vraies questions : comment former les enseignants à la pédagogie et à quelle pédagogie les former ? Cela permet d’éviter de remettre en cause la pédagogie traditionnelle qui continue vaille que vaille à faire des ravages, à coup de cours magistraux, de tests standardisés, de notes inutiles voire dangereuses, de devoirs à la maison… Nike Air Huarache Dames Air Jordan 5 C’est bien évidemment cela qu’il faudrait changer d’abord. South Florida Bulls Jerseys hollister pas cher Pour une école où les enfants agissent, s’engagent, sont responsabilisés, sont libres de leurs choix et apprennent à leur rythme. Lorsque les enseignants seront formés à mettre cela en place dans leur classe, le besoin des ordinateurs et des tablettes se fera sûrement sentir à certains moments.

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Cannavaro, Cocu and Rivaldo top my bill for Alex finale

Sir Alex Ferguson is desperate to retire at the end of next season with the European Cup – and to my mind there are three signings who could help Manchester United achieve that. The bad news Authentic Prada Bags Online Singapore for the accountants at Old Trafford is that it will cost at least £50m.

Given the chance to take any player in Europe, I’d plump for Luis Figo. But there isn’t a cat in hell’s chance of getting him from Real Madrid and, because Zinedine Zidane and Andri Shevchenko are also probably out of reach replica prada tote bags, I’ve picked a trio Alex might just be able to land.

At the back I’d go for Fabio Cannavaro of Parma. United were let down by their defending in Munich and Cannavaro epitomises what Italian defenders are all about. I’d love to see him alongside Jaap Stam.

Although Wes Brown has great pace and potential he struggled in Germany and at the moment I’m not sure he’s aggressive enough in terms of doing the ugly things. He doesn’t yet intimidate opponents like Tony Adams, Martin Keown and Steve Bould did at Arsenal in the famous five. Cannavaro has that aura and attitude which says « thou shalt not pass ».

At Euro 2000, particularly in the semi-final against Holland, he and Alessandro Nesta were blocking down shots, stopping crosses and doing the ugly business.

It is possible Brown would be a Agata Ruiz De La Prada Shop On Line better bread-and-butter defender if he was in a struggling team. He may be more used to playing from the halfway line forward in the Premiership, particularly at Apertura Outlet Prada Montevarchi home. By and large United attack teams and it may come as a surprise when he is put under pressure more.

But it is not just at the back that United have struggled Amazon Uk Prada Shoes in Europe. They haven’t scored enough goals against the top sides, particularly away, and I think they’ve got to try to get a fantasy player.

Rivaldo would be perfect. I put him ahead of Alessandro del Piero as the ideal man to play off the main striker. I have a feeling Barcelona would be a decent club to target because I think players there will be moved out.

United certainly need somebody to do the job Dwight Yorke did for them two years ago when he was full of adrenalin and life. The move from Aston Villa suited him down the ground and he was playing like a kid with a new toy. He plays like a kid with other new toys now.

His movement in Munich wasn’t as good as Authentic Prada Gauffre it should have been and there’s a lot of talk of him moving. It may well be that players like Yorke or Nicky Butt would have to help finance the deals Black Prada Eyeglass Case I’m talking about. David Beckham might even choose to go abroad, which would be a blow for United.

The money is presumably there to buy Ruud van Nistelrooy and I’d be surprised if he wasn’t at Old Trafford next year. But the jury is still out on him and the players I’m talking about have done it.

Obviously with Rivaldo, Alex would have to weigh up whether the signing would damage his squad. Apart from Eric Cantona, who was idolised by the lads who grew up at United, the foreign players have always integrated rather than simply coming in and taking over.

Alex would have to feel Rivaldo could do the same and also consider the wages. The Brazilian would have to be paid miles more than even Roy Keane, and there are others in the camp who might turn round and say: « I know we want to win the European Cup but I’m as valuable as he is. » Then you can get a few little seeds, so it is a fine line. Bicester Village Prada Store Number

The third man on my list, Barcelona’s Philip Cocu, might not be seen as a star in England but he’s a tremendous all-round player. He’s got something of everything and gets my vote ahead of his Holland team-mate Edgar Davids.

Cocu’s a great passer, has a good shot and could almost be another Bryan Robson. He may not be quite so prolific a goalscorer but he’s tremendous in the air arriving in Authentic Prada Outlet Uk the box and has a lot of those ingredients.

He’s more than capable of contesting midfield and is so versatile that he can not only fill virtually any position but play it as a world player. That he would be a perfect left wing-back is handy because, if were Alex, I would look at the possibility of playing 3-5-2, particularly Authentic Prada Clothing in Europe.

In the Champions League I think teams need a lot of bodies in midfield. It’s not a question of blocking the game up and ball winning but the best sides make sure they have a lot of midfielders who Authentic Prada Bag For Sale Philippines can deal with the ball and move it around. That’s why Steve McManaman flourishes at Madrid.

United at their best trust themselves and play that way with a midfield four but they seem more cautious than the fearless side who won the European Cup in 1999 and may need a tactical reappraisal.

What they don’t need is a huge clear-out. But to move on to the next level new faces are required. Just before the treble season Alex bought Stam and Yorke, which seemed to kick-start everybody. That’s the sort of thing he has do again.

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